Golden Cane (300mm pot)



Golden Cane Palm – Dypsis Lutescens. The Golden Cane comes from Madagascar; it grows naturally along streams in thickets. This palm is one of the most popular and attractive palms, a natural yellow color clustering trunked plant that is feathered-leaved. The root system is non-invasive, making it good around houses or pools for privacy and screening of neighbours. The Golden Cane grows 7 to 10 metres and is an unarmed palm (no spikes or spines) making it easy to move and handle. It grows best in tropical and sub-tropical areas, but is good as an indoor palm anywhere. It is quite drought tolerant.

Care: Keep soil relatively moist by watering once to twice a week. Check the top layer of soil with your finger to ensure the soildoesn’t dry out too much or on the flip side become too soggy. Will thrive in bright indirect light. Water once to twice a week to keep soil relatively moist but not soggy.

* Only available for Adelaide City, South Australia and surrounding suburbs up to 30 kms. Delivery freight cost negotiation worked out after purchase.


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